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VPNArea - Atsisiųskite VPNArea, 0.04170138888888889 versiją

Šiuo metu neturime apžvalgos šiai programinei įrangai: VPNArea, 0.04170138888888889 versija. Jei norite, rašykite apžvalgą šiai programinei įrangai ir ją išsiųskite, ir mes ją mielai čia įtrauksime.

Based in Bulgaria, VPNArea gets loads of things right, from offering a ‘no logs’ service, to using shared IPs, the service brings in respectable performance results. Clearly, no VPN service is perfect, but VPNArea is one of those very few that are working hard towards this direction.
The service offers three ‘one size fits all’ packages, each giving you access to servers spread across 45 countries including, New Zealand, Turkey, Australia, India, South Africa, and many more. Users have the freedom to choose between three connection options namely, PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP. While OpenVPN is unarguably the best option, it is good to have other options at your disposal.
Unfortunately, VPNArea does not offer a free trial, but there is a 7-day money back guarantee, which is acceptable. Up to three devices can be connected simultaneously, however, it is expected that this number will change to four soon.
VPN area also offers dedicated IPs at reasonable prices. This gives you a private server of your own, where you can enjoy high speed, because there are no others users to share server resources with – isn’t that cool?
Customer support is available through Live Chat, Skype, and email, where VPNArea staff members respond quickly and are keen to listen and help. On the privacy front, no activity logs are kept, keeping your online activity as discrete as possible.
When it comes to security, OpenVPN and L2TP servers’ use 128- bit Blowfish encryption by default. However, you can manually change it to AES encryption if needed. Moreover, signing up is particularly easy, so most users should not have a problem in this regard.
Overall, VPNArea is an impressive service, which you should seriously consider using!


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